The ultimate solution for empowering the Agricultural Insurance sector with the use of Earth Observation technologies.


AgriSafe provides insurance companies with a robust and cost-effective toolbox allowing them to alleviate the effect of weather uncertainty when estimating risk of Agricultural Insurance (AgI) products, reduce the number of on-site visits for claim verification, reduce operational and administrative costs for monitoring of insured indexes and contract handling, and design more accurate and personalized contracts. EO data derived by Copernicus Sentinel missions as well as by missions contributing to Copernicus are used to develop the data products that act as complementary source to the information used by insurance companies to design their products and assess natural disasters. Weather intelligence based on data assimilation, numerical weather prediction and ensemble seasonal forecasting are used to verify the occurrence of a catastrophic weather event and to predict future perils.

AgriSafe Concept

Contracts design

Design more accurate contracts with the use of the latest historical climatology data as well as meteorological forecasts.

Contracts handling

AgriSafe offers smart and remotely monitoring and handling of contracts in real-time.

Damage Assessment

Personalised services for more accurate damage estimation, claims management and verification of fraud.

Insurance providers

Alleviation of the effect of weather uncertainty.
Reduction of operational and administrative costs.
Reduction of the number of on-site visits for claim verification.
Design of more accurate and personalized contracts with the farmers.


Higher loss coverage rates.
More affordable financial contracts.
Increased confidence in the insurance provider.

Crop Monitoring

This service uses EO and weather data and provides crop profiling and monitoring indices such as NDVI, Biomass, Chlorophyll and LAI. The AgriSafe crop monitoring service enables Agricultural Insurance companies better monitor their portfolio exposure and assist them in pre- and after disaster decision making.

Damage Assessment

This service supports Agricultural Insurance companies in better accurately assess and calculate damages for proceeding with indemnity payouts of claims based on EO and climate data. The AgriSafe damage assessment service also provides visual damage maps of the affected areas, enabling a transparent basis for the indemnity payout process with farmers. The main risks that the AgriSafe cover are: hailstorm, heavy rainfall and extensive winds, floods, fires and drought.

Weather Risk Probability

This service provides probabilities maps of extreme weather events that may occur in the upcoming season (6 months forecasting) as well as offers historical climate data supporting insurers to define premiums more accurately.

Early warning system

Early warning system provides forecasted weather events alerts to Agricultural Insurance providers enabling them to push notifications and predefined mitigation measures to their customers.


AgriSafe was presented in the 3rd Conference of Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis in Agriculture and the Environment. The Conference covered issues related to new technologies for data collection (UAV-drones, digital cameras, sensors, etc.) and their transmission through IoT technologies (Internet of things) and their online promotion in combination with spatial analysis and the creation of digital spatio-temporal observatories in different types of crops (vineyard, olive, large crops, aromatic and pharmaceutical, etc.) trying to extract useful scientific as well as practical conclusions on a holistic digital farm management and tackling natural resource and natural phenomena management issues.

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